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Dharamshala: A Town Of Its Own Culture

Yes! Hills have all majestic settings. And, Dharamshala; a hill station with all these settings, allures all mankind from India as well as other part of the world. A small town, though district headquarter, has many things to offer for a traveller. It has decently ascending hills though not the elevators; it has tall deodar trees though not the towers of skyscrapers; it has small narrow curvy roads, though not crazy to kill with speed highways. Morning life usually starts after eight o’clock when children usually in woollens come out on streets to go to school. Town gets its hustle-bustle after 9 o’clock when government offices are to be opened shortly.

Mcleodgunj, the little Lahaasa as Tibbitan government in exile operates from here. A budha temple where His holiness Dalai Lama has his home; is the main attraction for visitors. Nine kilo meters of black curvy from Dharamshala takes you to Mcleodgunj along thick tall jungles of Deodar. Neat and clean areas of army cantonment and passing through the St John Church leaves any stubborn soul mesmerised.

As the mornings are slow, so fast are the evenings. Planes have abrupt sunrises and hills have abrupt sunsets. But, these sunsets are beautiful.

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