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Are You A Good Traveller?

Since couple of years, traveling is in the air. Phrases like ‘Passionate traveller’, ‘freaky taveller’ or ‘The wanderer ‘ can be seen everywhere on social sites. People are enough sure to mention traveling in their hobby column. And, we have witnessed a looming rush of tourists on every place of importance. Okay! Its damn good to travel, to visit unscene places on this land. But, one must not be just a visitor. He should be an explorer. One should be well versed with the ethics of travelling. So, are you a traveller? Are you a good traveller?

1. Check your budget.

You can travel to see back waters of Kerla or the mighty beautiful mountains of Manali. Check your monetary resources first. Your friend’s facebook posts of distant places may make you impulsive but money matters. Set your limits. We know these days are not going to come back but we also need money for the time ahead.

2. Hiring cab or using public transport?

To be a real freaky traveller, hiring cabs or using your own vehicle is not good. Public transport is the best way to get known to the place you are visiting. Use cabs where necessary. Trust me! You will be knowing ten extra places by doing this. Moreover most of the tourist destinations are facing the chaos of vehicles. Your personal car or cab will add a little more to this.

3. Nature and technology can not be enjoyed same time.

Don’t be a Bluetooth speaker wallah guy. Playing it loud will kill the joy of being with nature. Sometimes silence kindles the feeling of being you which is quite soothing for your inner peace. And this is what for we travel.

4. Be Kind With Nature.

Mind your garbage. Don’t litter. Reuse the stuff. You can get your water bottle refilled at any eating point rather than buying one more.  It will save the environment as well as a penny for you.

5. Check Your Backpack.

Not too little, not too heavy! Be little with your  clothes. Only necessary ones. Keep them according to the weather of the place you are visiting. Umbrella, torch, a rope and small kit of medicines can be handy.

So Freaky Travellers! Good luck for your new outing. Be a traveller but a good traveller.

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