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10 Things You Must Do While Traveling In Himachal Pradesh

A selfie with nature at Bir Billing.

Be it in any season, Himachal Pradesh offers you the most picturesque and adventurous playground. Be a motor traveller, biker or a trekker; Himachal Pradesh has bundle of surprises for you. ‘While in Rome, Do as the Roman do.’ You must have read the proverb. And, it aptly applies when you travel in Himachal Pradesh. So here is the list that tells you that how the Himachalis do.

Rock Cut Temple Masroor in Himachal Pradesh
Rock Cut Temple, Masroor in Himachal Pradesh
  1. Maintain the serenity of temples.

Himachali people have deep belief in Gods, Goddesses and religion. Retaining their age-old customs and traditions, the people of Himachal Pradesh are proud of their rich cultural heritage. Himachal is often called as ‘Dev Bhoomi’ or Land of Gods. You will surely find a little temple in courtyard of each house. You can visit any temple in the area and seek blessings of The Gods. But, don’t forget to maintain the decorum of that place. Shoes or any leather object are STRICTLY prohibited in most of the temples. Smoking, drinking or any unwarm activity can land you in a trouble.

  1. Don’t click photographs of locals without their consent.

There are so many elements of nature in the hills. See them, enjoy them and shoot them. But, don’t try to be a shutterbug clicking photographs of locals especially ladies without their consent. Villagers here are quite modest and don’t want to be exposed to strangers.

  1. Don’t have fun on the river sides.

Himachal Pradesh has the best available water resources in India. It has mighty, voluminous but deceptive rivers. You never know the force of water they contain. Dams or hydroelectric projects have been constructed on most of the rivers. So any river looking dry can play a havoc when suddenly excess water from the dams is released. So don’t go nearby the rivers. Moreover, rocks beside them are slippery. So restrict your selfie quest, please.

  1. Don’t get into the thick forests without guidance.

Must have heard of nature trail! Yes, it is good to be with nature. A stroll along the rising Deodars is relaxing and thrilling. But don’t go too deep in the forests. You may confront with some wild animals that may bother your presence in their territory. Most of the jungles of Himachal Pradesh are inhabited by bears, leopards and other wild animals.

A nature trail near Naddi, Dharamshala
A beautiful nature trail near Naddi, Dharamshala
  1. Don’t rely on credit/debit cards. Keep cash.

Credit/Debit cards can be of little or no importance for you when the shopkeeper or any other vendor refuses to accept it. It may due to poor connectivity or lack of infrastructure like POS machines. So keep cash. Though, not a huge amount but a little you must have.

  1. BSNL Sim card is must.

Remember that 4G girl? She cannot withstand her challenge here, I bet. Though 90% of this hill state has got the connectivity but still there are many places where you can struggle to find the signal on your phone set. Sometimes, when other Sim cards may ditch you, BSNL proves to be friendly. Many parts of Lahul & Spiti and Kinnaur Districts do have BSNL connectivity only.

  1. Don’t be the victim of drug peddlers.

Many of the youth from planes are allured to travel to Himachal Pradesh for ‘booty’. They are fancied to be a part of ‘Kasol Culture’. Any kind of drugs are strictly prohibited in the state. State cops keep a strict vigilance on such offensive activities. So, Don’t fall to such persons who promise you to get the ‘best maal’. It can land you in prison.

  1. Don’t be a ‘Dhing-Chuk, Dhing-Chuk’ traveller.

While with nature, try to grasp the content nature is bestowing upon you. Feel the cool air of hills, see the green grasses, captivating wild flowers and listen to the music of flowing rivers and chirping birds. Your bluetooth speakers or car stereo can play the same songs in your home too but you will miss the former things there. Avoid loud music. It annoys the other people too.

A selfie with nature at Bir Billing.
A selfie with nature at Bir Billing.
  1. Don’t booze on the road sides or in public places.

Drinking in public places or road sides is strictly banned here. Police can punish you with hefty fine for your such deeds. Be decent. Be sober. Moreover, You have your hotel room.

  1. Don’t litter.

Garbage littering in the hill stations is a dangerous outcome o

f the tourist activities. People carry plastic bottles, chips packs, biscuit packs and carry bags and leave them where ever they want. Such activities will mar the beauty of these picturesque places. You are advised to carry optimal things with you. Put them in bins after use. Moreover, plastic is banned in Himachal Pradesh. So be gentle with your trashes.

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