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पतोड़े या पतरोडे बनाने की विधि / How To Make Patode

Not only being blessed with natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh also offers a relishing confluence of culture and tradition. Himachal has vast kind of seasonal cuisines.  Most of the dishes are slow-cooked imparting a unique flavour and aroma and a lot of their preparations are also fermented. The cuisine is predominantly homely yet rich and intense. Here is the recipe of monsoon dish called PATODE or PATRODE. Patode or Patrode are made from Arbi Leaves (Colocasia). The other ingredients include Besan, Green Pepper, Bhabri (Ocimum gratissimum), Salt and other condiments. Patrode or Patode are eaten in the month of July, August and September only when Arabi leaves are available. Patode or Patrode are a great snacks to relish with roti or even chai. Being tasty, Patode or Patrode are also nutritious. Lets check out the recipe in a video by Masala Bytes.

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