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Clouds Passing By

Clouds passing by, Look up to the sky; Through the window of my school, Rainy Season! Time to bid you goodbye.

पतोड़े या पतरोडे बनाने की विधि / How To Make Patode

Not only being blessed with natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh also offers a relishing confluence of culture and tradition. Himachal has vast kind of seasonal cuisines.  Most of the dishes are slow-cooked imparting a unique flavour and aroma and a lot of their preparations are also …

Wet, Wetter, Best!

When it comes to rainy season, mountains are added with sublime effects. Each water droplet the earth receives, nourishes the vegetation. The whole region get wrapped in a thick green blanket. The misty mountains offer a fascinating view. Here are some photographs which define the …